Enneagram – 9 LEVEL for TYPE 8

& I want to protect the ‘weak’

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 8 – Leaders/Challengers
Healthy Levels – Self-surrender: Magnanimity. Able to be a powerful magnanimous leader.
Unhealthy Levels – Antisocial behavior. Tries to control and intimidate others.

HEALTHY 8s: I am a powerful leader.
The Leader: Heroic, self-surrendering, they’re assertive, dominant, fearless, powerful
Magnanimity (nobility, willingness to face danger, are beyond petty anger) overcomes the vice of lust (to taste/ indulge in everything), having required the 8 to develop as a person, & bring True strength. They make sure they’re empowered, as well as empowering those around them. Champions of the underdog, they protect those in their care, are courageous, magnanimous, pragmatic & self-assertive. They take charge, can stand the heat, & make sure they can make a difference.

Enn psych 8a

AVERAGE 8s: If someone angers me, they will hear about it.
The Challenger: They’re intimidating, prone to anger, provocative, sarcastic, will not back down
● Life corrupts the ideal of Truth into the delusion that no one is innocent, so they rely on lust to give the illusion of survival. Conflict is seen as natural & acceptable, because everyone must understand conflict on some level. They can become blaming, boastful, excessive, have black-&-white thinking, & can throw others off balance

Enn psych 8b

UNHEALTHY 8s: I’m a rage-aholic.
The Bully: abusive controlling, raging, violent
● They use their considerable strength to protect themselves by being combative, intimidating, a bully

Enn psych 8c

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic
Desire of ‘Needing to be self-reliant’ makes 8s become stronger & more able to defend others. When 8s are Type 8 LEVELSindependent, their need is satisfied& balance is reached.
Average state: when 8s aren’t building their strength enough, they get more dependent on others for certain needs. This increases the impulse toward self-reliance, encouraging 8s to work harder to get strong, creating balance.
Unhealthy loop: Run by Basic Fear of ‘Submitting to others’ which can cause 8s to lash out and try to control others, as a defense. Unfortunately – & ironically – this make them more dependent on others, increasing the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “Who has the power? Who might be trying to influence me? How can I make an impact?
GROWTH: To break control of the basic fear 8s have to stop controlling others, & start to strengthen themselves instead.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)
AS LEADERS – Are direct & assertive – what you see is what you get.'average' levels
— prefer to be the one in charge instead of delegating, wanting full control
— keep a close eye on everyone under their supervision
— don’t usually give compliments, so ‘no news is good news’ from them
— hate being blindsided by incorrect or incomplete information
— react best to honesty & transparency from co-workers. The don’t demand agreement, only truth & clarity

Show that you’re in charge – right from the beginning. 8’s become aggressive or go on the offensive when they feel insecure because things are out of control, or are unjust. If they confront you, make sure you stand up to them. Don’t ever tell an 8 what they can’t do – unless that’s exactly what you want them to do!
— assume their own opinions & approaches are the correct ones. It’s “My way or the highway”
— expect their boss to take command & be self-assured
— expect competency in a leader, & don’t respect wimps
— will take over leadership if they think no one’s in charge
— react badly to being controlled or treated unfairly
— prefer to be told bluntly when they’re messing up or making you mad
— don’t automatically follow the rules, which they will bend to suit themselves, or in order to improve the system – based on their own evaluation
— need clear boundaries from management, & will confront a boss any time they overstep the mark
(From: Global Leadership Foundation)


Enneagram – 9 LEVEL for TYPE 7


for the next thrill!

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 7 – Enthusiasts
Healthy Levels – Assimilation: Gratitude. Able to become highly accomplished & spirited
Unhealthy levels – Hysteria: Panicked behavior. Misled by impulsiveness and impatience

HEALTHY 7s: I live fully in the moment.
The Adventurer: Satisfied, appreciative, they’re curious, endlessly optimistic, fearless, full of energy, improvisational, lives fully in the moment, with excellent fine-motor skills
Sobriety (in all forms) overcomes the vice of gluttony (for every experience), returning to the original awareness of the ‘holy plan’ (the path to tranquility), creating inner peace. Busy & fun-loving, they can take any situation as it comes & find a way to make the best of it. They’re buoyant, charming, enthusiastic, joyous, multi-talented, optimistic, playful, resilient, spontaneous.
Enn psych 7a

AVERAGE 7s: Fun is the most important thing in life
The Thrill Seeker: They’re exciting, exploratory, fun, life of the party, spontaneous, very talkative
● Life perverts the ideal of the Holy Path, which is corrupted into sampling everything in life. They rely on gluttony for the illusion that they’re satisfied with the world, hoping to find a substitute for inner tranquility. Instead – they become chronically unsatisfied, scattered, & have trouble following through on commitments
Enn psych 7b

UNHEALTHY 7s: I seek pleasure and avoid responsibility
The Hedonist: They avoid responsibility, are escapist, prioritize pleasure seeking above all else, substance abuse & have health problems as a result of lifestyle
● They tend to be impatient, impulsive, with a short attention span
Enn psych 7c

Healthy loop: run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to be happy’, making Type 7s explore the world & genuinely appreciate what they find. Their great happiness satisfies the need & balance is reached.
Average state: when 7s aren’t exploring & appreciating everything, they become restless and unhappy. The the need to be happy increases, which can make them want to reach out & find things to appreciate, creating a balance.

Unhealthy loop: Run by the Basic Fear of ‘being deprived’ they can compulsively, numbly seek new sensations and adventures without truly appreciating the experiences.They get little happiness from all the highs, increasing 7s’ feeling of emptiness and basic fear, preventing balance.

LENS you see the world thru: What’s the next interesting, stimulating, fun thing to do? What can I plan next?
GROWTH: To break control of the basic fear 7s cannot keep jumping into one activity after another, but rather appreciate deeply what they do experience.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
At this level visionary 7s tend to lead by wandering around, communicating with charisma. Their strength comes from being able to correlate a variety of info into a coherent pattern.
— are at their best in a fast-changing, fast-paced environment that depends on planning & data-synthesis
— are usually good at empowering others, helped by being friendly & fun
— like to have several projects going at one time, or involved with several parts of one large assignment

Share your business concerns with a 7 because they like to be a part of things. What you see as a problem they may see as an interesting opportunity, so let them share their vision & enthusiasm. You’ll get the best out of them by encouraging their social skills or inventiveness, so don’t judge them or focus on pesky details. Be sure to put them in a non-boring position & don’t expect a commitment to ‘closure’.
— prefer ideas & theories rather than do-ing/implementing them
— will create new ways of doing something out of boredom with routine
— feel supported when others make use of the 7’s individuality, creativity & experimentation
— need reasonable & clear deadlines since follow-thru is not their forte
— are hard-working as long as their tasks are stimulating & varied
— need supervision to ensure a project gets finished, since they can easily get distracted & go off in another direction
— can easily get enraged when getting a negative review. They react better if given an opportunity for a ‘fresh start’  (From: Global Leadership Foundation)

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Enneagram – 9 LEVEL for TYPE 6

to make me feel safe

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)

TYPE 6 – Troubleshooters
Healthy Levels – Inner guidance: Courage. Able to exemplify courage and commitment.
Unhealthy Levels – Self-abasement: Self-destructive behavior. Struggles with anxiety and rebelliousness.

HEALTHY 6s: I am skilled at seeing & averting danger.
The Security Expert: Courageous, self-reliant, they’re capable of bravery, seeing dangers before others do & skilled at averting it
● Courage overcomes the vice of Fear & Doubt, having realized that fear is conquerable. Committed & security-oriented, at High Performance they’re trustworthy, dedicated, dutiful & warm. They constructively point out potential problems before they become major issues. They value teamwork, are cooperative, supportive, loyal team players. They often have a quirky, dry-witted sense of humor.
Enn psych 6a

AVERAGE 6s: Safety and security are more important to me than to most
The Cautioneer: They’re too ‘careful’, predictable, reliable, safe, secure, stable
● Life corrupts the ideal of complete confidence into the delusion that faith is too risky, & instead should be replaced by doubt. This gives the appearance that they are winning the survival war. They become nay-sayers, consistently focusing their attention on what might go wrong
Enn psych 6b

UNHEALTHY 6s: I am suspicious, paranoid.
The Paranoid: They’re erratic, fearful into conspiracy theories, jealous, unsure, suspicious
● Disliking unpredictability & rapid change, they can become anxious,
blaming, doubting, reactive, suspicious, volatile & worrying.
Enn psych 6c

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to be secure’ which makes 6s loyal to others, especially authority. This increases their sense of safety, which satisfies their need & balance is formed.
Average state: when 6s are not so loyal to others, feel insecure with others, increasing their need & may spur them to seek out authority and
become loyal to it, or more loyal to their peers. That will balance the loop so 6s can recover.
Unhealthy loop: Run by the Basic Fear of ‘being abandoned’ which makes 6s suspicious & distrustful of others. This reduces their sense of security, which further increases the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “Where is the danger? What might be the worst-case scenario? How can I/we prepare for it? What are peoples’ underlying motives?”
GROWTH: We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Sixes can refrain from distrusting others, and begin to be more loyal to others.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
6s can come alive under adversity, as they can be clear & strong against a known problem. If/ when 6s over come their self-doubt they can be courageous, & determined leaders.
— are masters at ‘circling the wagons’ to defend against a common enemy
— can become passive & procrastinators when not challenged or opposed
— have a tendency to focus on flaws & talk in “Yes buts… What ifs…..”
— keep refining & improving their work, with great endurance & bravery, over long periods of time
— like to express all their negative expectations before considering positive alternatives, so that any potential threats are accounted for

Keep your word with 6s – it greatly helps the relationship if you have integrity. Their trusted is not given easily – it needs to be earned.
They’re unsettled by too much positive feedback, so mix in some negative comments to prove you’ve considered all angels. To get the best from Average 6s, let them know your reasons for wanting something done, and never order them around.
— have strong analytical powers. They understand trouble & will want to help, especially if the boss is the underdog in a situation
— tend to play devil’s advocate, listing all the things that could go wrong
— are very loyal to those who ‘deserve’ it. Once the boss is on their team they’ll help fight her/his battles as their own
— don’t like surprises, needing security & predictability.
— need clear plans with fallback positions, & want backup data with contingencies (From: Global Leadership Foundation)

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Enneagram HUMOR (Part 1)

school kids laughing
to laugh at ourselves! 

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BOOK: “Enneagram Pop! – Fictional Characters” Damian Hospital & Tony Vahl

Enneagram animalsDINNER PARTY, by Elizabeth Wagele

Enneagram TYPE JOKES – gathered from the 4 corners of the earth!
GROAN ALL YOU WANT! Some are better than others!
NOTE: The ‘w’ between numbers means ‘wing’, so 6w7 is a Type 6 with some of the 7’s style. This is an additional feature – the number on either side of your Type – & is more likely to be one rather than the other – 4w3 vs. 4w5….. (Explained in other posts).

● How many 1s does it take to change a lightbulb?
Only 1, because no one else can do it right!

● How many 2s does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None.
“That’s all right, I’m fine in the dark. But I’ll do it for you if you need it?”
● Why did NASA send a 2 into space?
Because a dish-washer was too expensive

● What do you tell a 3 who hasn’t moved in 10 minutes? Dead.
● How many 3s does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one. They hold the light bulb and the universe revolves around them.
● How many 3s does it take to change a lightbulb?
Two – one 3w4 to buy the best and brightest one and one 3w2 to screw it in and then take all the credit for brightening up the room.

● Why do 4s dress in all black? 
Because any other color makes them look fat and they are very self-conscious about it to the point of crying for hours about how fat they are.
● Why did the 4 cross the road?
To write an ode to the roadkill on the other side

● What did the male 5 say to the female 5 on their first date?
“ I had so much fun. I’d like to meet you in person.”
● Why did the 5 cross the road?
To retrieve the emotions she left on the other side
● How many 5s does it take to change a light bulb?
Five: one to change the lightbulb, the other four to stand around pondering the meaning of light, and arguing whether they’re taking the right approach.

● How many 6s does it take to change a lightbulb?
5! 1 stands on the chair while the other 4 turn it
● Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 78(ate) 9
● Hey, did you hear about that Six who was afraid of the germs on her counter? She was Counter Phobic!

● How many 7s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None… 7s don’t screw in light bulbs, they screw in hot tubs.
● Why are there so many 7w8s on TV?
 Because the murders they commit are big news.

● How many 8s does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, 8s aren’t afraid of the dark
● What did the 8 say to the 1?
“Why are we doing all the hangin’ while 9 does all the sittin’?”
(Every 8 has the power to make someone happy… by staying single) lol

● How many 9s does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, because they forget about it until someone else does it
● What did the 9 say to the lightbulb?
Nothing, just threw it out because it wasn’t working.

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Enneagram – 9 LEVEL for TYPE 5

the safer I feel

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Enneagram Levels & ADDICTION Recovery

LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
TYPE 5 – Investigators/Observers
Healthy Levels – Clarity: Esoteric knowledge. Able to demonstrate visionary intellect and inventiveness.
Unhealthy levels – Psychotic states: Annihilating behavior. Becomes increasingly eccentric and isolated.

HEALTHY 5s: I like to master knowledge and share it with the world.
The Innovator: They’re visionary & participatory. Discover/develop new technologies or systems of thought which are useful to others
● Detachment overcomes the vice of Avarice (the illusion of retention). As they become more confident in their knowledge, they can be bolder & more assertive, like an 8 (one of their Arrows). Intense and intellectual, they’re analytic, insightful, inventive & extremely perceptive. Deeply curious about the world, they find their own answers & explore uncharted territory. They make remarkable mental leaps & connections, valued as sources of considerable wisdom.
Enn Psych 5a

AVERAGE 5s: I find analytical living rewarding.
The Intellectual: They enjoy philosophical discussion/debate, endlessly curious, love to learn, thoughtful
● They’ve lost the original knowledge of omniscience (unified, limitless knowledge). This has been corrupted into the belief that the self must divide from the world to acquire this knowledge so they won’t “lose themselves” existentially. This leads to holding back, disliking intrusions on their time and space
Enn psych 5b

UNHEALTHY 5s: I struggle with the meaningless of existence.
The Nihilist: They’re cold, devoid of feelings, detached, hermetic, struggle with the meaninglessness of existence
● They become arrogant, detached, eccentric. preoccupied, reclusive.
Enn psych 5c

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing to understand the world’, making 5s observe and analyze the world. When they’ve reached that understanding their need is satisfied & balance is reached.
Average state: When 5s do less of observing and analyzing the world, they have trouble understanding it. This increases their need & may push to study more, creating a balance.
Unhealthy loop is run by the Basic Fear of ‘being overwhelmed by the world’, causing 5s to become detached from the people & world around them, as a defense. This leads to understanding the world even less, increasing the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “I’m detached from the situation, & I step back to analyze and understand it.”
GROWTH: Breaking control of the basic fear comes from not detaching and start to actively observe and analyze the real world more.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
5s like to be in charge, & at this level can be ambitious, restless & intimidating in the pursuit
of control & rewards. The best 5 leaders make you feel ‘inside’ a group of special initiates who
have access to special knowledge which you’re responsible for nurturing & refining.
— are capable of high-level abstract thinking, easily reducing a great deal of info into a core proposition
— can wait patiently for results, not panicking as long as the basic necessities are on hand
— attract followers because of their knowledge worth having – the most sophisticated, profound or cutting edge, & they know how to use it

Remember that THEY:
— love inside information, looking for that specialized knowledge to give them an edge or provide an useful insight
— love details – what might be too trivial to others may be a central fact for the 5
— like to think about info which has been requested or a problem posed to them, so they can be sure to give the right answer
— like their privacy, generally avoid conflict & value un-emotional decision-making
— usually see thru flattery or charismatic leadership (manipulations)
— respond well to being asked for help in solving problems, since it encourages their self-esteem
— may seem uninterested in their environment because of being quiet but in fact are absorbing everything
— notice all the subtle expressions & characteristics of others in meetings, even as they’re paying attention to any information being presented. This combination allows them to give a brief but accurate summery of the proceeding.   (From: Global Leadership Foundation)


Enneagram – 9 LEVEL for TYPE 4

or I’ll be boring (& bored)!

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LEVELS by TYPE (cont.)
Healthy Levels – Are Self-Renewing & Inspirational. Able to model creativity and intuitive power for others
Unhealthy Levels – Are Clinical depressed & Suicidal. Held back by moodiness and self-consciousness.

HEALTHY 4s: It’s important to go beyond the limits of convention.
The Revolutionary: They’re artistic, aesthetically oriented, creative, edgy, expressive, individualistic, inspired, intuitive, self-aware & sensitive.
Equanimity overcomes envy, giving calmness & composure.  They return to the knowledge of “Origin”, that everything in the universe came from the same origin point, so beings are fundamentally connected to each other. Embracing & enhancing life, they encourage others to be everything they can be. They break new ground & bring depth to their work life, push the envelope & find ways to put a unique stamp on whatever they do.
Enn psych 4a
AVERAGE 4s: Being told “You’re odd / weird” is welcome proof I’m staying true to myself.
The Unconventionalist: different, experimental, idiosyncratic, open, unique
• Life’s difficulties corrupts the ideal of Unity into the delusion that everyone is fundamentally fragmented & separated. 4s notice what’s wrong in their life, & so envy what others have. They rely on that envy to give themselves the illusion of unity, as a way to connect to others in a counter-productive fashion, becoming self-indulgent & alienated.
Enn psych 4b

UNHEALTHY 4s: I’ve lost touch with reality (but may not know it)
The Stranger: Become progressively more moody, hypersensitive &
withdrawn. Can be bizarre /schizotypal/ schizophrenic, cut off from everyday current reality, delusional, irrational, masochistic
Enn psych 4c

Healthy loop: Run by the Basic Desire of ‘Needing self-understanding’, they allow emotions to surface &
examine them in order to understand them-selves. Then the need is satisfied & balance is achieved.
Average state: when 4s’ don’t closely examine their emotions, they can’t understand themselves,
increases the need to figure out who they are. This can push 4s into willingness to face their feelings,
establishing a balance.
Unhealthy loop is run by the Basic Fear of ‘being defective, which can cause 4s to ignore their true selves, allow their emotions to overwhelm them, & indulge in wild fantasy about themselves. This leads to understanding themselves even less, further increases the basic fear & prevents balance.

LENS you see the world thru: “How can I express my creativity and uniqueness in this situation?”
GROWTH: Breaking control of the basic fear comes from not indulging in fantasy and start examining oneself realistically.
LEVEL 5 in BIZ (Mid-Average)'average' levels
At this level Type 4’s authority comes from what they know. Their main strength & weakness as leaders come from the same place – an unwillingness to compromise their vision
— are usually a romantic, passionate star
— hold a strong personal vision & inspire with the force of personality
— are fervently pursue an elusive goal, so achieving them is a problem
— want to stay emotionally engaged & are attracted to ‘drama’
— achieve goals in order to be distinctive – different & unusual
— excel with a business approach where unique presentations count

Honor the 4’s unique way of seeing & doing things. If you want them to work hard, let them know how a project needs their personal touch. The more enthusiastic they are the harder they’ll try. Be emphatic rather than helpful – instead of giving a 4 the answers, give them the opportunity to express themselves.
— want distinctive work, preferring jobs which call for creativity, even genius
— need to feel respected for their personal vision & ideas
— their efficiency is tied to their mood. When their emotional life is disrupted their attention to work suffers
— like to be connected to ‘special authority’ – people in their field who stand for quality instead of popularity
— feel demeaned by having to perform what they consider ‘common’, but which is defined by each #4 differently
— want to feel that their creative ides have been received, understood & appreciated
(From: Global Leadership Foundation)
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