The BODY & Emotions (Part 3)

but my body keeps giving me away

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ARTICLE: Does Your Body Lie? – how emotions effect various body parts

Emotions & HEALTH
: Most of us know that emotions affect our physical bodies as much as the body affects how we feel & think.  People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just ventilate (dump) their Es are setting themselves up for physical illness. Es that are not felt & released but are instead buried in the physical & energetic body (meridians, organs, chakras, muscles) can cause serious illnesses
✶ Having painful emotions is not the problem – it’s when they go on & on for years unexpressed that they wear away at our physical & mental well-being. When fear or rage-based emotions are long-term & chronic they damage our chemical, immune, endocrine & other physical systems

In spite of what some teachings  say, not all sickness is caused by emotional suppression, such as genetics, poisons in food, water & the environment, world travel & importing of goods & supplies, harmful medicines …… so it’s imperative to accurately identify sources of illness AND not blame ourselves no matter what the cause!

✶ How we interpret events can sometimes change our emotional state, BUT not always!  Some behaviors or situations are objectively bad & should not be given the benefit of the doubt or perpetraator‘reframed’ – like rape, incest, beating, murder, emotional or physical torture, neglect of the young & helpless ….  Changing our perspective about such actions will not change the character of the abuse!
➼ The only things that DO need to change are:
— making excuses for the perpetrators (They did the best…”)
— and blaming ourselves for being abused !! (Self-Hate)

EXP: At 36 Nina started dating a great guy – kind, smart, warm, & very spiritual. But his ex-wife had cheated on him & then left without taking their young daughter.  He said he had forgiven her & wasn’t angry – that the emotion of anger was unspiritual & unacceptable. Nina knew this was a warning signal that he was ultimately unsafe since it put such unrealistic pressure on her (& obviously his Ex) – but she wasn’t quite ready to let go.
After a few weeks of dating, Nina noticed that her elbow & wrist joints were sore, & figured she was too young to have arthritis.  She talked to several people & finally realized she was holding back her anger at feeling controlled by him, in order to not get abandoned. That same day the pain in her arms disappeared! It wasn’t long after that they broke up.

Holding in our Feelings
• How we carry our body can indicate how we are feeling emotionally, not just in the moment but habitually. We store un-processed stress in our body’s organs, muscles, chakras, meridians & electro-magnetic layers. Specific emotional residue of abuse AND our negative beliefs are stored in specific locations in the body.  (Anger in the liver, not being supported – in the lower back muscles….)

EXP:  There are some people whose center (gut area) is visibly concave, as seen in abusedconcave solar plexusthese drawings. It tells us they were severely & regularly abused in childhood, which perhaps has continued in current toxic relationships. Their solar plexus has been emotionally punched(sometimes physically too) so often that their body is trying to pullback from future blows they know will come – or are still expecting, even long after the danger has passed. There are also many abused people whose outward signs are much subtler, but just as important to pick up on – to understand their behavior

➼ Generally, people who are confident & happy stand erect, head up, shoulders back, & walk with a sure but nor arrogant gait. Depressed or self-hating people may stand with slumped shoulders, head down, slow or unsure walk…..  Changing how we hold our body can improve how we feel about ourselves.

Of course there are exceptions:
— some who have a chronic physical illness may move slowly, clumsily, be hunched over, need a wheelchair – because of physical limitations. Yet they are confident & emotionally balanced (with ups & downs, but not miserable)
— while some who are deeply insecure may strut around & seem emotionally ‘strong’ only because their external presentation is a facade to compensate for being afraid, usually formed by anger & inflated self-importance

• Meditation, yoga, tai-chi, acupuncture…. are all aimed at releasing old pain & allowing our natural healthy energy to flow freely
• One of the ways to identify & expel recent or old traumas is via Brain Gym, also called brain re-patterning, via kinesiology & exercises.  The two sides of our brain are meant to work together, connected by the Corpus callosum which acts like fiber optics – shunting info back & forth – the left side of the brain being for thought, the right for emotions – among many other functions.
➼ With long-term stress the 2 sides stop talking to each other. Some people get stuck using mainly the right (over-feelers) while others are limited to the left brain (under-feelers)

Brain Gym (brain repatterning) has many techniques to rebalance the 2 sides, including its  26 brain gymMovements, based on the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning.  These activities recall the movements naturally done during early childhood when we were coordinating eyes, ears, hands, with the whole body. Correcting a variety of learning difficulties, as well as healing old traumas, can be overcome by carrying out certain repetitive actions that create new pathways by “activating the brain for optimal storage & retrieval of information.”

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