MY RIGHTS – Questionnaire (25-48)


I feel so much better


REVIEW inventory writing using these 2 forms

When we thoroughly accept that we have ‘inalienable right’,  then we have no problem identifying and fulfilling our needs – not perfectly, but as much as reasonably possible.  As mentioned in last post, self-care allows us to:

A. have boundaries. When we know what we need or don’t need, want or don’t want – we can let other people know what is or isn’t acceptable.  It’s not their job to honor our boundaries – only we can do that
B. eliminate deprivation.  ACoAs either harmfully over-indulge or live in self-denial / starvation in all PMES ways. Knowing we have value makes is easier to find appropriate, balanced nourishment in every area of life

C. prevent abuse.  We will not accept or tolerate any form of mistreatment, being clear about our rights, including the right to be safe
D. not be manipulated.  When we know what is correct and healthy, we can tell when someone is trying to control us

E. minimize anger & resentment.  The more we take care of ourselves, the less we co-dependently expect others to provide what is not reasonable, so we don’t get so deeply disappointed
F. feel good about ourselves / be empowered / enjoy our life — all natural results & rewards for being in charge of our needs


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