Family Inventory OVERVIEW

inventory writing 

so I have to take it a little at a time

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BOOK: GENOGRAMS in Family Assessment” by M. McGoldrick & R. Gerson (Another type of Inventory)

REVIEW the relevant “What To Do” section of “Our TIME LINE Inventory” post for suggestions about how to use this chart

THIS CHART is for the basic facts of each person’s life. Adapt it to fit the number of people in your family members & for others important people from your childhood.
You can add (or subtract) any topic not listed which you feel is relevant to each person you’re writing about. Following posts will cover attitudes & positions in greater detail.
REMEMBER to include any good or beneficial features each person had, when filling in the boxes.

— This design is just a way to get you started. Naturally you’ll need to make a lot more room for each category than is shown here.
— You could use a pencil making it easier to add & subtract info, or try different colored pens for each person, to keep them clearly separate.
— Try a very big sheet of light-colored wrapping paper to draw up your version. Or take a separate page for each person in a notebook, even for each column.
— Add rows with other headings or separate the ones given. Again, don’t worry if you don’t don’t know what to put in some boxes.  Do as much as you can – jump around as ideas & memories come to you.  Go back & fill in as “more is revealed”.
MY Fam Inv a


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2 thoughts on “Family Inventory OVERVIEW

  1. You’ve posted some interesting exercises lately, I look forward to seeing what comes out of them.

    Happy holidays!


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