Mind-Reading vs. INTUITION (Part 2a)

intuition 1

but I don’t have any proof


Review Mind-reading, 1a


Intuition is a complex thing – but mostly it’s being tuned-in to the world around us – & beyond – so that we’re picking up info without any obvious source. For some it’s a gut feeling. For others it’s the universe giving them a gentle nudge. For still others it’s the answer to a prayer or a whisper from God.  Intuition is an innate survival tool, our inner compass and the tether connecting us to our environment. It doesn’t have to be supernatural – it is most often a subliminal accumulation of what others are saying, feeling or doing (their T,E,As) & storing it for future reference (see point d).
SO – Intuition is in us & comes from us, but is about everything outside of us – the opposite of Mind Reading.  ✶ When cultivated, it bypasses or counters certain of our ACoA damage!

a. In the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, the second of 4 levels is Sensate vs Intuitive, which myers=briggshas to do with one’s style of gathering information about the world, & making decisions based on it.
• At one extreme are the Sensates (S) who need proof of everything, literal & practical, they prefer hands-on, here-&-now tangible experiences. They only believe what they can see & touch.  They are about 70% of the US population & are considered ‘hard-nosed’ by their opposites.

• At the other end are the Intuitives (N) who ‘just know’ – they look for meaning, possibilities & relationships among things (the gestalt). They like to put things in a theoretical framework, looking at things holistically, seeking the big picture. They comprise about 30% & are considered ‘flakes’ by the S. (See all 4 levels)

✶ Not everyone functions at the extreme ends of this spectrum. But when 2 people in any kind of relationship DO, it is one of the most difficult discrepancies (of the 4 level) to overcome. They’ll never really ‘get’ each other.  It’s especially hard when an extreme S mother has a very N child – she will likely negate the child’s way of understanding its environment, making the child doubt its perceptions, even its sanity –  especially if the mother is also a narcissist.

b. As Children
• From birth, kids have a capacity for seeing & sensing things that many adults are unaware of. baby awareThis is an important instinct for them, since they are so vulnerable and do not yet have language.  Infants mirror what we present to them, especially our emotions.  For example, when a mother takes a slow, deep breath each time she feels tension, either in herself or the infant, it teaches the baby to do the same. She’s creating & reinforcing the state of anxiety – without ever saying a word!
• Equally so, children who spend time contemplating & exploring their thoughts and feelings, without interference, develop self-awareness and the intuitive abilities that come from this inner knowledge.

•  The absorption quality of intuition, so highly developed in kids, allows us to assimilate our parents’ inner feelings as much as their overt messages. The combination is what becomes the Introject – which is only negative if our parents were mentally &/or emotionally damaged.

Exp:  A friend remembers one evening when she was 6 or 7, sitting with her dad in the living room while he was reading the paper. For no apparent reason she asked him who Lydia was.  He looked at her puzzled but didn’t answer. Many years later she found out that he was having an affair with a Lydia back then, but at that time no one in the family knew about it.  What had she been ‘picking up’ on? – A smell? his guilt? his residual pleasure?

c. ‘Otherworldly’
• Intuition can also be an aspect of ‘spirituality’, either in conventional or esoteric forms. Some call it the ‘still small voice’ inside. Is is used in everyday life to solve problems, as well as to receive divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom and inspiration. (TREE, July 2011)
• For some very sensitive people, there is often an ability to pick up vibrations (electrical energy) emanating from all living things. It may include seeing auras.  Such people need positive training, not only to use the info correctly, but especially to learn shielding, so they’re not constantly flooded by external input.
• Intuitive info can also come when we or those we love are under stress. It may be inner wisdom showing a way to solve a problem or heal old emotional damage that surfaces to be processed.

• If you’re curious about your own sensitivity level, you can take the Empath Quiz.  If you already know you are highly intuitive, you may want to participate in the Empath Community.

d.  Paying Attention
As ACoAs we were taught to deny or make fun of our natural instincts, so when our gut tells us to do OR not do something, via an intuitive flash, we usually ignore it – to our detriment! We may experience anxiety or a tightening in the gut & wonder if we should or shouldn’t act on those ‘feelings’. Remember the ‘ick factor’.
•  When we don’t follow our intuition, we’re out of alignment with our higher sense of knowing. Not opening up our intuitive channels – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (PMES) – we usually end up compromising ourselves, & are sorry afterwards for getting ourselves into some mess, even tho’ we knew better!  PAY ATTENTION!




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