ENNEAGRAM Basics (Part 2)

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SITEs: Variations & Types of the E.
“Who are you Enneagram” – sites

: “The Three Keys to Understanding” by Pat Wyman, combines the MBTI, Enneagram & Inner Child Work
—  “Are You My Type, Am I Yours?, Relationships Made Easy Through The Enneagram” ~ Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

#1 Reformer / Perfectionist – (Terrier) SELF IMAGE: I am perfect.
• The GOOD person, highly responsible, fixated on improvement: orderly, principled, rational idealist, reasonable, self-righteous.
— They’re driven to do the ”right’ thing. Often critical of self and others, have a over-developed sense of responsibility & are prone to repressing their anger

#2 Helper / Giver – (Cat) SELF IMAGE: I am helpful.
• The LOVING person, who needs to be needed: caring, concerned, generous, nurturing, manipulative, possessive, well-meaning.
— They will go the extra mile to please others at the cost of taking care of self. Gives a lot and is proud of it, but strings are often attached

#3 Motivator / Performer – (Peacock) SELF IMAGE: I am successful.
• The EFFECTIVE person, focused on looking successful in order to be validated: adaptable, ambitious, arrogant, goal & success oriented,
image conscious, pragmatic.
— They’re efficient, achievers, goal-driven and focused on being a “winner”. Concern is with appearances, style over substance, often refusing to be introspective/self-aware, they crowd out family & friends

#4 Individualist/Romantic – (Basset Hound) SELF IMAGE: I am unique
• The ORIGINAL person, seeking identity, who feel special and different: artistic, aesthetic, depressive, intuitive, self-absorbed, sensitive, withdrawn.
— They crave self-expression & emotional depth. Sensitive to beauty & meaning, prone to melancholy, they feel inadequate & envious

#5 Thinker / Observer – (Fox) SELF IMAGE: I see thorough.
• The WISE person, who tends to withdraw and observe: analytic, cerebral, eccentric, innovative, original, perceptive, provocative.
— They recognize & can synthesize information in new ways. Are emotionally detached, protecting their privacy & personal resources

#6 Loyal Skeptic – (Rabbit) SELF IMAGE: I do my duty.
• The LOYAL person, with a major conflict between trust & distrust: anxious, cautious, committed, engaging, hardworking, responsible, traditionalistic.
— A term-player OR rebel-vigilant, they’re always scanning for threats from the environment. Are loyal and engaging, but full of contradictions which create self-doubt and indecisiveness

#7 Enthusiast / Epicure – (Monkey) SELF IMAGE: I am happy.
• The JOYFUL person, pleasure-seeking, always planning – something, in search of distraction: accomplished, excessive, hyperactive, manic, uninhibited, versatile
— They have a perpetual surplus of new schemes & goals, they’re eager for experiences and/or material goods. Habitual optimism covers a fear of boredom and pain

#8 Leader / Challenger – (Rhinoceros) SELF IMAGE: I am strong.
• The POWERFUL person, taking charge in order to not be controlled: authoritative, challenging, combative, confident, decisive, determined, executive, powerful, self-sacrificing
— They’re driven to control self and environment, they’re capable of both domination and protectiveness. Vulnerability and a tender heart are hidden under a tough exterior

#9 Mediator / Idealist – (Elephant) SELF IMAGE: I am content
• The PEACEFUL person, creating harmony: complacent, disengaged, easygoing, optimistic, phlegmatic, receptive, tolerant.
— They’re good at seeing all points of view, trying to be a peacemaker – while easily distracted from noticing personal needs and priorities. Avoid direct confrontation & can be passive and immovable.

HOW each Type would approach a RIVER to cross
Imagine a large group made up of all 9 Types traveling together, coming to a river without a bridge. How do they deal with this obstacle? Each type is unaware of their True Nature, yet unconsciously approached it in their own ‘compulsive’, default style. Notice not everyone gets across!

ONES search for & find the only ‘perfect’ place to cross
TWOS start to swim across, then double back to help others. Because they continue to do this, they never get across themselves. Some drown from exhaustion
THREES wait at the edge until they’re the center of attention. Then they wear their best outfit & swim with fancy strokes

FOURS cross using a variety of artsy styles, even doing a water ballet
FIVES never get into the river. They hide behind a tree & and take notes on what everybody else does
SIXES either fearfully grab onto someone strong to help them across, OR stride into the water & do the traditional over-arm stroke

SEVENS splash, dive & generally have a party, and it doesn’t matter if they get across or not, as long as they’re entertaining the crowd
EIGHTS march into the water and swim upstream – against the current, but they always get across. Some even help the weaker ones
NINES amble into the water and float downstream – with the current. If they don’t drift out to sea, they eventually land OK

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4 thoughts on “ENNEAGRAM Basics (Part 2)

  1. Why is it that eeneagram types 1 make almost all OCPD traits and characteristic’s appear to be normal characteristic traits of an unhealthy introverted type 1?

    Could I have been misdiagnosed?


      • What a gem! Thank you so much for sharing with me your contextual knowledge of this blog and your wisdom for showing me such understanding! I know that This one reference will be a go to for myself and others in this journey towards a better mental health and better self. This is an ah ha moment for me!! I truly have hope now and can see a idealistic path to finding my true self…..A self-awareness and faith of my center that I have never known nor even realized I have within me. What a blessing. Thank you again and God bless you!!


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