Ennea TRIAD Basics (Part 2b)

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so I can control my environment

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SECOND Triad: HEAD, Mental-based character structure
#5 = Observer – – Energy: ‘Invisible’ Detachment, Hoarding
#6 = Questioner Energy: Fight 6 – Jabbing Confrontation
Agreement seeking – – – –  Flight 6 – Poised-for-flight Scanning
#7 = Adventurer Energy: Airy Excitement, Re-framing

At a party: If you stand at the door, looking around to see who’s there & what’s happening, you’re likely in the Head triad. You want to have a good idea of what to expect before going in to a new situation, approaching others cautiously.

Flow: Head-centered people think first – act and feel later. They tend to view life as outsiders looking in. Their driving sin is fear, feeling separate from people and their environment
POSITIVE: They notice more than other people, but don’t realize that most can’t sees the same things they do, or don’t see things the same way! At their best they’re knowledgeable, intellectual & brilliant & visionary. (Bill Gates…). But caught up in the world of ideas, they can forget about the rest of the body (Sherlock Homes).

Purpose: “The goals of this center are to help us all minimize anxiety, manage potentially painful situations, and gain a sense of certainty and security through the mental processes of analyzing, figuring out, envisioning, imagining and planning. In addition, all of us depend upon the Head Center of Intelligence to develop the higher qualities of wisdom, inner knowing, and thoughtfulness.” ~ David Daniels, M.D

Physical center: Their main activity takes place in the Head, where they make decisions based either on logic on & mental processes. Also – they’re acutely aware of the environment, living very much in the present, & instinctively take everything in via their physical senses (touch, taste, smell is the way to their holy idea) – because it gets them out of being stuck in their mental loop

Priority: They want to create security by making sense of the world & other people – using ideas, triad 567concepts & rational thinking. Their most important quest is for Truth – for what’s real & what’s not. Their implied Q is: “What does it all mean?” as they constantly try to figure out how each pc. of info they’ve gathered fits in with everything else they’ve picked up. Controlling all the pieces by ‘understanding’ things makes them feel safe.

Direction: 567 Types initially move away or withdraw from relationship
Key Mode: Detachment & upward displacement (away from gut)
Key Words: Assurance, Certainty, Opportunity, Predictability, Safety, Security

Basic defense: A concentration of mental energy makes it possible to detach from emotions & the body, to live in the mind. Fear of life (& death) is countered by thinking, explaining, rationalizing. Personal wants and needs are explained away or simply not felt.
Neurotic Style: Paranoid/schizoid process – distrust leads to withdrawing from contact with the world, to figure things out & gain safety

Life challenge: Integrating mind and body. For them – being ‘seen’ is a two-sided dilemma: if they get noticed, they lose their valued privacy. If they don’t get seen they get too isolated, & feel unappreciated for all their knowledge. They have trouble combining their inner world with the outer environment. Much of the time they have lots of ideas & plans that never go anywhere, which tend be forgotten or go unnoticed. In business, being rigid & dogmatic in their thinking (they’re always right!) can create resentment & conflict, but they don’t know why, since they’re just being ‘reasonable’. The primary attraction/avoidance dance is trust vs. non-trust.

5s Function – Expert Knowledge & Mental focus
Positive potential: acquisition of knowledge, curiosity, inventive originality, perceptiveness, technical expertise
Negative potential: eccentricity, emotional detachment, mental projections, social isolation, speculative theorizing
Over-express thinking, are mentally intense

6s Function – Perseverance & Trust
Positive potential:triad 567 commitment to larger efforts, emotional bonding, group identification, industriousness, loyalty, sociability
Negative potential: ambivalence, anxiety, dependency, feelings of inferiority, rebelliousness
Out of touch with inner Guidance

7s Function – Diverse activity & Spontaneity
Positive potential: achievement, enthusiasm, desire for change & variety, productivity, skill acquisition
Negative potential: being escapist, excessive, hyperactive, impulsive
Under-express thinking, impulsive, without considering consequences of their actions

POSITIVE: When healthy, they excel at mental discrimination & analysis, effective planning & strategizing, intellectual work which contributes to the community, & have heightened individual consciousness
NEGATIVE: At the same time that they’re always hungry for ‘more’, being so acutely aware of their environment makes them feel overwhelmed by too much input, experiencing it as chaotic & therefore scary. This makes them shy away from anything in the outer world which is unpredictable & unexpected.

Re. ACTIONs: The immediate response to life’s messiness is to hold back
5s physically ‘hold back’, against the far wall or in a corner, where they can observe the whole scene without being noticed. If they happen to be seated when something or someone new approaches, they noticeably pull back into their chair.
6s ‘hold back’ by not making decisions or taking an action. Tentatively entering an unfamiliar situation, their eyes dart around looking for someone who knows what’s going on, the “expert” who’ll show them how to act.
7s ‘hold back’ in an unusual way – they run from their fear & hesitation to act by jumping into the unknown, trying to overwhelm or outmaneuver a perceived threat with charm & distraction. This buys them time to collect new info without revealing anything personal that would hint at their fear

In BIZ: 567s operate from a global perspective, looking at the big picture. The use business strategies, understanding how to create value & what needs to be done to create a better future.

For Inspiration: 5s use their Heart Center / 6s use their Body Center / 7s use their Mental Center (MORE….)

Therapy with HORSES: it’s often apparent to HEAD STYLES that they horse therapyhave a hard time getting into their bodies in order to get what they want. It becomes obvious that they need to bring their energy & intention into their hearts and bodies, to make a horse move forward, draw it closer or set a boundary. (MORE….)

MEDITATIONS ‘Thoughts’ about meditation (& some humor)
Scroll to 12/3/2012

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