Ennea TRIAD Basics (Part 2c)

891 triad 

to understand my environment

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3rd Triad: INSTINCT (Gut), Body-based character structure
#8 = Leader — Energy: Larger than life, Dominating.
#9 = Mediator Energy: Diffuse extension, Comfortable
#1= Reformer Energy: Rigid containment, Righteous

At a party: If you they would go right in, engaging in hearty, jovial, back-slapping greetings that may put some people off, you’re likely in the Gut triad. Or, you might offer the host a ‘helpful’ criticism about how to improve some aspect of the party.

Flow: Gut-centered people act first – think and feel later. They are very connected to a concrete view of reality, with a very “nuts  and bolts” approach to life. Their driving sin is anger, their first reaction to unsafe people & physical circumstances.
POSITIVE: At their best, 891s are grounded, with a common sense approach to taking care of basic needs – not much thought is required for the simple tasks of life. Their motto could be: “Just do it”, being active in the physical world, & connected to nature.

Purpose: “We all use personal position and personal power to make life be the way we believe it “should be.” We devise strategies to assure our place in the world and minimize discomfort. All types depend upon the Body Center of Intelligence to be in touch with its higher qualities, including the right amount of energy needed for action, how much power to use in situations, and our capacity to be grounded in ourselves and the world.” ~ David Daniels, M.D

Physical Center: The gut, the physical link to the conscious ego & the unconscious soul. They value action, living life at full volume & maximum velocity, doing whatever it takes to best handle physical needs. They will come up with strategies totriad 891 assure their place in the world, get what they want, and minimize discomfort. 891s depend upon the Body Center of Intelligence to be in touch with their higher qualities, including:
— the right amount of energy needed for action
— how much power to use in situations
— being grounded in themselves & the world.

Priority: Instinctual needs and rhythms in daily life; issues of fairness or rightness; getting practical results.

8s Function – Leadership & Self-assertion
Positive potential: ability to take personal initiative, magnanimity, self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance
Negative potential: combativeness, crude insensitivity, domination of others, ruthlessness
— They over-express their instincts, tending to dominate people & situations without pausing to think about others’ points of view

9s Function – Interpersonal Mediation & Receptivity
Positive potential: acceptance, creating harmony with others, emotional stability & physical endurance, un-self-consciousness
Negative potential: disengaged attention & emotions, neglectfulness, mental dissociation, passivity
— They are numb to their instincts, which makes it very hard to hold their own agenda as the waves of life wash over them

1s Function – Ethical Standards & Responsibility
Positive potential: conscience, delayed gratification, maturity, moderation, self-discipline
Negative potential: impersonal perfectionism, judgmentalism, rigid self-control, self-righteousness
— They internalize their instincts & check them repeatedly for validity, which makes them highly ethical but also a bit slow

Direction: 891 Types move in & against, are direct & straight forward, and can be confrontational
Key Mode: Screening and buffering (principled inattention).
Key Words: Belonging, Comfort, Congruence, Harmony, Personal power, Protection, Respect, Worthgut reactions.png

Basic defense: A concentration of energy in the belly center enables repeating patterns to form layers of “insulation” in the mind and body. This insulation is used to “screen out” unwanted feelings or information from the inside or outside. Personal wants and needs are controlled by super-ego “shoulds
Neurotic style: Obsessive process – using repeating patterns of thinking and doing to capture and stabilize attention in daily life.

Life challenge: Struggle with being asleep to their true self. Need to “Wake up” through self-awareness instead of falling into excessive materialism (8), low-level comfort (9) or habits (1). Their childhood experience is of not being allowed their space, so there’s a deep need to carve this out for themselves in the world, with a push to distinguish between who they are vs everyone else.
8s feel the need to conquer in order to be certain of having a place for oneself, so they assert their boundaries aggressively
9s will adapt to the new environment with seeming ease, but part of them remains disengaged from it
1s hold back & compare situations to their sense of right/wrong, afraid that if they let go they’ll lose control & have their boundaries ‘penetrated’

NEGATIVE: Fearing neglect or being overlooked, they seek acceptance & be respected for who they are. They tend to act impulsively, resist being influenced by current reality, & try to impose their will on the environment without being affected by it – to prevent being controlled by anyone or anything. When they don’t have the experience of their Key Words, they react with anger/rage – the more controlled version showing up as irritation, resentment, impatience….

good gut instinct.pngPOSITIVE: When healthy, they relate to their environment & to others exceptionally well, with a deep wisdom from within. Struggling with staying in the moment, they can always call on their gut reactions to bring them back to the present. When truly grounded (knowing exactly who & where they are in time, space & spirit), they develop healthy personal boundaries, with a clear sense of personhood & positive connections to others.

In BIZ: They take a stand, act decisively, & take calculated yet appropriate risks. They develop alternative & solutions to problems, challenging conventional wisdom. They take ownership & demonstrate integrity.

For Inspiration: 8s use their Mental Center / 9s use their Body Center / 1s use their Heart Center (MORE….)

Therapy with HORSES: Body Types 891 are taught to modulate the energy they put out through their gut centers, & allow the process to unfold naturally.
8s need to modulate their intensity
9s need to focus, & direct their intentions with clarity
1s need to relax, & let go of their need to be competent and controlling – to simply be with the horse. Easier said than done.

MEDITATIONS Thoughts’ about meditation (& some humor) Scroll to 12/3/2012

NEXT: Triad EMOTIONS (Part 1)


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