Ennea – LEVELS of Development Outlined (Part 4)

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OVERVIEW : The movement thru the levels is a barometer of how much we’re attached to vs free from our Type’s fixed self-image. (Defects #1). People generally operate within a fixed range of levels throughout life. EXP: Earlier in life a person may have operated between levels 5 – 7, while later in life some maturity may raise them to levels 2 – 5.

The 9 Psychological Levels help us see/find:
1.  Our FALSE self – The physical, emotional & mental habits which prevent our ability to experience the Authentic Self:false self
— the emotional (Passion) & mental habits (Fixation) that shut down our heart, body, and mind
— The Basic & Secondary Fear that unconsciously drives our specific Personality Habits (weakness)
— The shadow side of each type – our defensive responses – while we imagine being open & present to reality, but are actually caught in the unconscious pattern of our ‘persona’.

2. Our AUTHENTIC Self – Path of growth & transformation for each typetrue self
— The tools we can use to awaken joy, spaciousness, clarity, intuitive knowing & deep connection with self/others, which comes from being less defended, more Present
— The practices available to each type to digest & transcend our defensive habits developed in childhood as a response to suffering

MOVING UP? – In a talk by Edward Morler “Integrating the Enneagram of Personality with the Levels of Emotional Maturity”, he stated that modern Enneagram theory regarding Levels of Emotional Health does not offer much in terms of how to move from one level to the next. (How each level deals with a problem in Part 2) (Morler articles)
HELPING: In terms of how a leader / therapist / teacher / minister…. can use this list to help improve someone’s life – once you’ve identified the level someone is presently at, you can try moving them up the scale ONE stage at a time, and only as far up as you are. EXP:
— When someone is in apathy (9), remind them of a reason to grieve (like seeing his mom in bed in a pathetic depression – reminding her of a house they once had and lost)
— When someone is grieving (8), bring up something anxiety-provoking (7) ….. until they’re in a much better place.

SOLVING – Steps to making changes when facing a problem:
1) Recognize the problem
2) Own the problem (“What am I contributing to this?”)
3) Forgive oneself, & acknowledge one’s positive contributions
4) Do something different.
SEE: ‘Ennea Strengths #2’ // ‘Centers of Consciousness – Basic Triadsennea 2 halves
While we each has our own version of all 3 Centers (emotions, intellect, instinct), our personality has a center of gravity in one of them – our Type – which puts a specific ‘spin’ on the meaning of those 3 categories for each of us.  It is also useful to look at the chart divided vertically, because the Energy Centers (power sources /chakras) of the 2 sides do fundamentally different kinds of ‘growth work’. (MORE…..)

ctrs of gravityRIGHT side = the “lower” story – which relates to the physical, natural, mechanical forces. The dominant center of gravity is found at #4, the lower portion of the central nervous system plexus, located in the abdomen, below the navel

LEFT = the “upper” story – relating to the conscious, spiritual forces. Its center of gravity is found at #5, commonly referred to as the solar plexus, corresponds to the center of the spine, & heart energy position (MORE….)

Human Types: Essence & the Enneagram” notes that tarot & playing deck of cards are basically symbols representing the characteristics of individuals. The Queen = the Emotion / King = Head / Jack = ‘Moving’. The 4 ACES, as the main function, represent the Centers of Gravity in a human type: Ace of Clubs = instinctive / Ace of Spades = moving / Ace of Hearts = emotional / Ace of Diamonds = intellectual functions

FROM Colin Blundell  (8/3/14) “A Permanent Center of Gravity”
What’s needed to have integrity? In the Gurdjieff canon it requires a permanent & well-formed center of gravity. The whole integrated I-system is pulled inside one’s Being & assimilated into what could be called Real-I.:

CHART: a graphic version  – the fragmented Self exists when the multiplicity of ‘I’s is not recognized, & so they don’t relate together. Only functioning on the periphery, they fight among themselves, & while they bicker continually we pretend to be Unified-I, which is senseless. As we begin to understand how multiple-I’s work & relate together we become more genuinely unified. When we choose to move from fragmented ‘I’ to normal ‘I’, as appropriate for the task at hand, & become a spectator of the constellations in Meta-I, a whole Integrated Self begins to emerge.”

“Right-work on oneself begins with the creation of a permanent center of gravity…. then everything else begins to be disposed and distributed in subordination to it… realization of the aimlessness & mechanicalness of everything can create a permanent center of gravity…” Ouspensky: In Search of the Miraculous (p.259)

NEXT: the 9 levels of each type – TYPE 1


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