“33 Things I’ve learned” – REPOSTED (Part 2)


from the writer of the

Blog post: KILL YOUR FALSE SELF (Part 3)


a. The 33 points have been separated into categories, making it easier to absorb & remember.
b. The original number of each point has been kept so you can easily find it on the source post.
c. Each point is accompanied by how the author learned the lesson.
If interested in expanded explanations for any point, go to the above link

3: Just because a group of seemingly “educated” people say things to be true does not mean they are right. If there is one person against the group, they may be the only one that is not willing to go along with the community lie. Sometimes, the teachers are wrongScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.22.53 PM.png

6: There are many people in this world that have it much worse than you can possibly imagine. There is serious abuse and damage being done to kids, which will affect them and those that they come in contact with their whole life. It is going on right now. There is true sadness and pain out there

8: Hurt people hurt people.
You have to love yourself first, or you will hurt others unintentionally. Monsters are created by other monsters. People who are very sad, especially when they are children, can do damage to the world. It does not mean they are bad people. It means they are hurting.

22: You’ll never help anyone by punishing them.
Those that attack others usually have the most to hide. Loving is a sign of strength. To see someone for who they are despite everyone what everyone else says is a special person. If you ever have decision-making power over someone’s life. Get to know them. Do not ever base it on what other people say, they have their own biases and agendas. If someone gossips a lot, they have a lot to hide. If you sit in silence while they gossip, you are an active participant. Gossip and talk is not harmless, it destroys character. Punishment does not work ever for an illness.

25: Appearance means nothing at all.
People at the top can be much, much sicker than so-called “sick” people. What people tell you a crazy person looks like is different than the truth. Do not be swayed of by others opinions. What we see in others, good and bad, is a reflection of ourselves and what we like or dislike of ourselves.Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.35.15 PM

27: Labels are destructive.
People are not their illness and no one fits the pattern of the book. Do not treat the illness. Treat the patient. What helps the most is love

28:  Sometimes, people live up to the hype
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Words can change people. But they must be pure and genuine and come from truth.

9: Everything you gain and all you love will one day go away.
Attaching the idea of love to other people or things is a set up for suffering. If you attach all your hopes and dreams to what other people do, say or think gives them ultimate power. It is also power that’s false. The only one who can give you the love you need is you

10: There is a truth out there that when you get to it, is the most magical, exhilarating thing you can ever experience. When it happens, enjoy it and remember it for future use.
What is important is love. True love. That word does not do it justice. It is like experiencing a oneness with the world and everything pours out. You will one day experience this. Hold on to that feeling whenever it comes. You will need to use it again. It is there. That is who we are at our core.

11: If there comes a time you lose everything, it may be the best thing that ever happened to you.
If you have deep pain, it means you are about to awaken. Soul search and look within yourself. All you can change is yourself. If you want change, take a long look in the mirror. You can only change you and your reaction to things. The loss of everything can be liberating. It brings an immense freedom to be yourself without anything to worry about.Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.38.08 PM.png

13: You never know how close you are to the miracle.
Human angels come in unexpected spots and from unexpected people. You never know what good you are doing in the moment

17: Who you surround yourself with is one of the most important decisions of your life. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Who you surround yourself with plays a major factor in your life.

19: It does not always end happy.
It is not people who work hard who get better and ahead. It is a lot about the breaks. Society is set up to keep the people in the gutter, in the gutter. It is not right. Life is not fair sometimes.
You can be a part of the problem or the solution, which is up to you. You may not see the results you wish. Do not let that keep you from trying. When we start planting trees that we will never benefit from, then we have grown as a society.

23: Drop all preconceived notions of everything.
You cannot truly see the beauty and magic until you lose all the things and knowledge you think you have. You have to lose that. When you do, you see magic.

26: If you choose to fight for something, make sure you are fighting for something that you are willinScreen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.04.04 PMg to lose everything for. That way, you can fight without reservations and with all you’ve got.  3 things will help you to fight when you have to:
Your intentions must be pure.
You must know how to fight.
You must be willing to lose everything to fight with all you’ve got

33: If what you do comes from your heart and is genuine, you can’t go wrong.
This is the last lesson. It came from my mom. It is the lesson of how to love. This is how you change the world.
Through all of this I have had something to always go back on. Someone who was always there for me. Every single moment, there and with love. With unconditional love and acceptance. I did not make this on my own. There have been many teachers, many breaks. Many opportunities. But we go back to our core when we are in trouble. What was given to me was a love that cannot be matched

NEXT: ACoAs & Confusion (Part 1)


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