My “Shame” article on Your Tango


My “What is SHAME?” post
re-purposed for

YOUR TANGO online mag

Why Shaming Your Children Hurts Them Their ENTIRE Life

If you like this version, pls leave a comment & pass it on.

Thank, DMT

PS: I’m going back over the early years (2010…..) & adding small images to highlight the text.

Let me know what you think – does it make the info more interesting, accessible, easier to absorb…..?


4 thoughts on “My “Shame” article on Your Tango

  1. Sorry about that mix up. I hadn’t seen a reply once I heard that the plans had changed – around 8:30- so I figured we were a no go anyway. Then I got busy

    The surest way to plan around boat work will probably be for me to arrange for when I get off watch (that’ll be at 11:45 AM and PM. It’s not foolproof but might be better

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Definitely we need to make a time a day ahead – When working I don’t see emails til late. Re the 11:45 -you get off both am & pm?

  2. I loved the article but I definitely prefer the current website format. Thank you so much for all this information and your hard work it’s invaluable and supportive. Thank you agajn and may God bless you abundantly forever!

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