EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE (Part 1a)


by the language you use

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QUOTE: ‘Your Enneagram number is not for mere self categorization, but for your enlightenment, to help you recognize your addictive patterns of seeing & thinking’ ~ Richard Rohr, Christian Perspective

BEFORE listing the characteristic language style of each type, it may be helpful to consider Language in the larger scheme of physical/spiritual reality. As we know, most people function from a ‘false self’ imposed on us from parents, friends, job & society. This mask has little to do with innate capacities & blocks personal energy, making us internally weak. ‘Waking up’ (personal liberation) comes partly from self-remembering – observing our false self in action, & developing our compassionate & non-attached Inner Observer, which connects us to our core. The goal is to gradually outgrow our specific defensive pattern – as well as all others – to become a well-rounded, whole person. Then we can use the energy & qualities of whichever of the 9 types is needed in the moment, while letting our True Self shine thru.

Language : a union of Sacred & Secular (CHART)
In this chart Language is presented as both Divine & mundane (the seed) attributes of the Human sacred communicationCharacter. This process also defines the circulation of light, growth of plants, the development of society & human conduct….
Communication is much more than a mechanical activity via sound waves, or the connection between two or more people, no matter how deep or productive.

TRUE Communication is based on Eternal Principles with its own set of laws, which is shared among intelligent beings, via the ADAMic ‘original’ language spoken with God in the Garden, a physical mechanism used by our soul’s spirit to express dietal thought, ie. the Essence of the Eternal.

Human Communication includes 3 aspects: The Speaker, the Listener AND the “common thinking/understanding” of both, the 3rd party being our consciousness, as seen at the base of the 963 triangle.
— Without it, thoughts expressed in language would not be possible
— With it, we have human understanding & the spiritual benefit of two-way communing with the Divine.
Using the concepts of this chart allows us to analyze & improve the process of “truly conscious communication”. It can reminding us to pay attention to what we think about & say, so we can be better understood – to ourselves & by anyone willing to listen!

The structure of all languages is naturally shaped by the basic form of the physical brain – which molds speech. In turn, speech shapes the basic patterns our mind, forming the way we brain & languagemake sense of the world. A unifying feature of all languages is the child’s process of learning to speak, the mastery of which involves 7 steps. Coherent language (step 4), formed through grammar, represents a higher order of thinking. This structural common denominators, the “Grammar of Man”, unites the thousands of spoken languages on our planet, allowing for translation.

● The Enneagram’s 9 categories of grammar are based on Sacred Number. In ancient Greece, Pythagoras discovered that Number leads to structure, & that the structure of the mind is also the structure of the world. In essence, all is Number & therefore the key to Wisdom – which is the ability to live well in a chaotic world – by having ‘inside information’ about how things really work.

The relationship between Number & Grammar is the bridge between esoteric & exoteric knowledge, & indicates that Quantity/Number = Quality/Meaning, which then can lead us:
beyond Meaning, ie. when life’s meaning (always subjective) comes from a pre-existing order or plan, imposed from the outside
into Sense – where we are the one making sense of our own life. We decide the substance of it, limited only by math and grammar (Objective Truth), & then determine whether it makes sense – to us. (More…)

● The basic components of the Thinking Mind can be reduced to 3 realms + 4 functions of brain & languagelanguage = the 12 basic areas of the mind-map, also called ‘The Wheel’ – which is the basic gestalt of the mind & a sound outline of Reality. (Wheel & space-realms in Part 1b & c)

FEELING is right brain, metabolism; emotions (fun, joy, love, passion, humor…), moods, drives, imagination, impulses, dreams, force, power, strength
SENSING is left brain, 5 senses, sex, excretion; direct, immediate & waking consciousness, sense-data; unprocessed, information, intake
THINKING is hind brain, breathing; language – both analytical & analogical reasoning, deliberate, reflect, conceive, connect, enumerate
WILLING is fore-brain, deep sleep, yes-no; on-off; attention, action of all kinds, carrying out, controlling, determining, ordering,working

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