EnneaTypes – LANGUAGE (Part 1b)

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the better I can communicate

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BOOK: “Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization ~ Richard Heath

GRAMMAR (chart)categories of grammar
● Here we are given the Parts of Speech as a tool for growth. Included are key words of each grammatical form, which are related to the Thinking function. Each position is a numerical Fractal – the hidden order of universal Truth – seen as similar but not identical concepts, the repetition of a basic subject applied to different
areas of knowledge.
The basic structure of every sentence can be plotted on the Enneagram, & is made up of 9 categories: TIME terms are at the 369 triangle points & SPACE terms are at points 124578.

● For dialogue to go smoothly, with co-operation, one needs to use one of the 3 verbs, two of the 6 verbal persons (gender, person) & three of the 9 verbal forms (time, mode, voice). The space terms (conjunction, noun, preposition, adjective, pronoun, adverb) are complements & can be added at will. If we exclude a category in a communication, or take a category as part of the information (such as Marxist dialectic, the dogma that everything is thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis), then we destroy dialogue & create dispute.

NOTE: The number positions in this chart are in reverse order, to correctly align with ancient Number Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.51.27 PMsystems which reflect the dynamics of the Earth’s counter-clockwise daily rotation on its axis – if North is considered the ‘top’ or vantage point, which it usually is. However, the Enneagram usually follows a tradition based on the invention of clocks (which was in the Northern hemisphere), copying the sun’s clock-wise shadow on sundials. We see the sun that way in relation to Earth’s anti-clockwise rotation – if we look down at the North Pole from space.Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 11.48.56 PM

● Our own number system is a description of THE creative process – played out in cycles of the day, year & precession of the equinoxes. Looking from above a galaxy or hurricane’s counterclockwise swirl, we can superimpose the #6. The form of the 6 also describes looping backwards on ourselves – the limitations of our mental consciousness which effects our creative process.  See: Spiral Dynamics 9/13, 20, 25 /2009

MEANING & USE of grammar components:
1. Conjunction (and, or) allows us to make connections, tying words or ideas together. It represents Inclusion (and) & Exclusion (or)
2. Noun (singular, plural, name, concept) allowing us to make generalizations from the particular
3. Verb represents awareness of things happening in time, a dynamic process of past, present & future
4. Preposition is a mental/internal image of the personal relationship between oneself & other people, things or ideas
5. Adjective precisely describes or qualifies the noun. This relates to & allows for refinement of understanding
6. Verbal Persons (the subject) is the ability to make statements, by personalizing a time event or action
7. Pronoun places nouns in relationship, establishing & modifying them
8. Adverb modifies the verb, explains it through eight questions that show its circumstances (where, when, how….)
9. Verbal Forms place an action into perspective, like a plan (active, indicative, subjunctive)

● Word Power affects our role in society, so a limited vocabulary can limit potential opportunities. Learning about & using the concepts inherent in grammar, with their connection to Number, makes it easier to make Sense for ourselves. The behind-the-scenes knowledge can help to grow & prosper by being able to make better choices in a world of confusion & risks. *** http://www.chanceandchoice.com/course-overview/semiotics/

THE WHEEL = States of Consciousnesslanguage WHEEL
● The Wheel is the archetypal symbol, combing language Functions & Realms, separating software (language, science, religion) from hardware (structure of our mind).
Its basic components are deduced from the
Mandelbrot vector 0 -> : Z -> Z + C, with 1 -> 9 as the fractal scaling. This simple formula, discovered in 1962, identifies the structure for all complex geometric forms existing in nature. This circle connects Universal Wisdom with the 9 points of the Enneagram, wisdom being the ability to live well in a chaotic world, & requires ‘inside information’ about how things really work.

● The Wheel, in some form, can be found in all anthropology studies of the world, which makes its philosophy one of tolerance – clearly showing us the common denominators underlying all social & religious traditions, based on their conscious experiences & underlying mathematical criteria.
— Its information can be used as a tool for finding a deeper connection to ourselves so we can follow our life path.
— It can help us understand the connection between Science & Religion, our left & right brains, put us in tune with history, & help us think & act globally. (MORE…..)

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