Enneagram Flaws in us ALL – INTRO



 Ennea Humor – Part 3

EXPLANATION: Ginger Lapid-Bogda (Enneagram author, trainer, keynote speaker) in her site “The Enneagram in Business”, provides many ways to understand how each Type handles the many positive & negative aspects of being human.

● This series includes the way all of us exhibit each of the Fixations (Habits of Mind) normally associated with only one of the Enneagram styles – each in our own specific way.
● The 3 Instinct sub-types of Self-preservation / Sexual /Social (Def. & QUIZ) will also affect the strength & style of how each Type expresses each fixation.
NOTE: Virtues / Gifts for each Type in another series

DEFINITIONS – basic for each characteristic:
Cowardice – typically associated with SIXES. It’s the fear of taking actions, from doubt & worry caused by continual thoughts of worst-case scenarios. It is found more strongly in the Self-Preservation version of any Type who is more concerned with safety, security, & least trusting / most wary.
Flattery – typically associated with TWOS. It’s trying to be accepted by a person or group – by giving them compliments, gifts or other forms of attention

Laziness / Indolence = avoidance of activity or exertion, typically associated with NINES. It refers to the process of mentally diffusing our attention so we forget what’s important to us, and keeps us from stating our own opinions, in order to minimizing our conflict with others
Moodiness / Melancholy: typically associated with FOURS. It’s thinking about what is missing in oneself or one’s life, along with feeling disconnected or separated from others

Planning – typically associated with SEVENS. It refers to the mental process by which the mind goes into “hyper-gear,“ moving in rapid succession from one thing to another, with a lack of peaceful consideration
Resentment – typically associated with ONES. It’s paying attention to flaws in oneself & others, so that nothing ever seems good or good enough

– typically associated with FIVES. It’s a scarcity paradigm that leads to an insatiable thirst for knowing, a reluctance to share –knowledge, time, space, and personal information – and to strategizing about how to control one’s environment
Vanity – typically associated with THREES. It’s strategic thinking about how to create an idealized image, the self-absorption of how we seem to others
Vengeance – typically associated with EIGHTS. It’s the mental process of wanting to balance out wrongs done to us (real or imagined), with angry thoughts of blame, & plans for intimidation & punishment

Distorted Lens – difficulty listening to & accepting many points of view, or being able to objectively evaluate different aspects of a problem or situation – when colored by the focus of our specific version of the world
Hanging on – Hanging on to anything that keeps us stuck, so that energy can’t flow through us. It skews perspective & limits options, which can lead to disappointment
Off-Balance – losing perspective about people & situations, causing the loss of a fixed point of reference in life, adding more distortion to our specific Type

Maya (illusion/ delusion
) – Can also mean the power by which the universe is manifest, BUT used here to mean the appearance of or illusions in the physical world.
Illusion (Maya) = unreal vision // Delusion = false belief
Worry – mental obsession on past distressing actions/events, OR projecting negative outcomes in the future – to the point of dulling our awareness to real danger in the present. Habitual, unconscious worry blocks us from direct contact with something greater than ourselves (H.P.) & compromises our ability to be whole.

NEXT: All type FLAWS – Type 2


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