Enneagram Type 1 – Flaws in us ALL

type 1 flaws
just so!

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IMPORTANT: If needed, to understand the meaning / purpose of each topic, review ‘All Type Flaws in us – INTRO’.
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Type 1 COWARDICE because of CDs (#6)
— re. making mistakes: 1s are obsessed with getting everything right, making no mistakes, being correct & appropriate
— re. hurting other people: worry when you’ve done something really bad, about having hurt others, being harshly judgmental, projecting your anger on someone who doesn’t deserve it….
— re. being spontaneous: believe that it’s not OK, even dangerous to not have tight controls on your impulses & action

Type 1 FLATTERY – by: (#2)
— THINKING about how to be polite & well-mannered toward others at times when you really don’t want to
— Make logical excuses for the poor character or behavior of another because this person exhibits something you admire
— ‘Forget’ your legitimate objections to someone you despise, as a way of suppressing your anger (‘reaction formation’)

Type 1 LAZINESS (Indolence) (#9)
You may not seem lazy at all, since you’re so precise & action oriented. But, indolence is actually a disowned characteristic of 1s (‘Nine Lenses on the World’ by Jerry Wagner), a not-me quality that gets projected onto others. You think of yourself as responsible, disciplined & highly attentive – but on closer examination there’s more than a little indolence
— Focus too much on getting something ‘just right’ leads to ignoring other items, factors or events that are equally or much more relevant & important
— Taking on so much of your #7 Arrow qualities, you only focus on chasing pleasure, at the expense of important activities & responsibilities, being blind to the consequences of slacking off
— Paying so much attention to your own opinions & ideas that you ignore the ideas of others

Type 1 MOODINESS (melancholy & resulting separation) (#4)
— Think you’re really bad or worthless for having made a mistake, or done something you’re not proud of (being human)
— Believe that another person is really bad or without value because they made a mistake
— Obsess on what’s missing in your life because something’s imperfect, or didn’t live up to your expectations

Type 1 PLANNING (as compulsion) (#7)
When stressed, obsessively thinking about how to structure & organize a task in a normal situation, as if your life depends on it

Type 1 RESENTMENT – by: (#1)
— Constantly being judgmental, dividing the world into all-good vs. all-bad, such as right-wrong, appropriate-inappropriate, should-should not
— Taking mental note of what’s wrong rather than what’s right in most situations
— Noticing other people’s ‘mistakes’ & not letting it go – “How could he do that?, Why can’t people be more responsible?”….

Type 1 STINGINESS (#5)friendly
— Re. being Open: Assuming you’re THE “holder” of rules & standards, being the ‘correct’ one, stingy about acknowledging opposing viewpoints
— Re. being Appreciative: focused so much on mistakes, that you’re stingy about offering compliments to yourself & others
— Re. Sharing: not willing to share or give away something lovely & unique, as if that would lessen the value of the “precious” object

Type 1 VANITY (#3)
— Assume you’re superior because of you ‘higher’ standards
— Believe you’re the arbiters of excellence – because you can ‘recognize’ quality better than most
— Convinced your commitment to being responsible in every way is so much greater / deeper than in others

Type 1 VENGEANCE (#8)
What sets you off is thinking someone has :
— criticized or lied to you, not acted responsibly, taken arbitrary control
REACTION: accusations & blame that often gets verbalized, or disapproval & dismissal expressed thru obvious body-language (turn your back, frown, sneer, silence…..)
GROWTH – Be willing to listen with an open heart and open mind

Too tight, squinting – so you only see certain things around you, while missing others
Lesson: If we only look for what’s precise, right or clear, we can mistakenly assume something that looks great is worthwhile – when it isn’t, OR ‘see’ something as flawed – when it’s actually fine as is

Hold on to: Resentments (which build up), being right or in control, not making mistakes, compulsively keeping your structured lives just so
Why: to keep your sense-of-self as someone who is faultless, responsible
Let go: of the belief that everything must be perfectly ordered & executed

Type 1 OFF-BALANCE – by:
— Being convinced you’ve made a mistake or that you inevitably will
— Not dealing with your anger/resentment. Instead become overly upset with someone else’s minor ‘infraction’ (real or imagined). Then – feel remorse & guilt / S-H for becoming so angry at them
— Being criticized, either by yourself, a respected person, or bothperfectionism reward

Type 1 MAYA (delusion)
Think that being so completely self-controlled will give you the joys and pleasures you want, as a reward for being so good. Not always!

Type 1 WORRY
“Will I get this right? Will I be fully prepared? Have I offended someone or been impolite? Will I lose control of myself? Will I feel incompetent? What if I did something wrong?”…..

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