Ennea Type 6 – Flaws in us ALL

type 6

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IMPORTANT: To understand the meaning / purpose of each topic, review ‘Type Flaws in us ALL – INTRO’. Associated Type inside the  ( )


Type 6 COWARDICE because of CDs (#6)
— Re. others: believe that you can’t really trust or count on others (except a few who have been tried & tested)
— Re. yourself: believe you can’t fundamentally trust or count on yourself (even tho experience shows that it’s not true in most cases)
— Re. authority: think that authority figures can’t be trusted or, at least, must be carefully & continuously watched

Type 6 FLATTERY (#2)
— Mentally idealize people you want to think of as all “good”
— Think & say “nice” comments that aren’t completely true, in order to placate others or keep the peace
— Think it’s not OK to say what you really think to someone if you’re anticipating a negative reaction

Type 6 LAZINESS / Indolence (#9)
You seem to be very energized (concerns in motion), but a person can be energized & indolent (not paying attention), which is most obvious in 6s
— Think only about the things that scare you
— Believe that you can’t allow yourself to relax into ‘fun’ (truer for self-preserving and social sub-type 6s than one-to-one 6s)
— Can’t or don’t want to take the time to separate out your projections from your motivations, hopes & fears

Type 6 MOODINESS (melancholy & resulting separation) (#4)
— Believe that no one can truly be counted on, so you’re alone
— Project that others will always leave you at some point
— Blame yourself when things don’t go well, but also blame others that end up hurting your relationships, leaving you worried about being isolated

Type 6 PLANNING – as compulsion (#7)
How to anticipate problems before they occur: often instantaneously calculating what might be an obstacles to getting what you think is both possible, desirable, plausible or dangerous

Type 6 RESENTMENT (#1)
— Wondering why other people are treating you badly (supposedly)
— Angry about how someone in authority could treat you badly after being consistently dutiful & loyal
— Projecting bad things happening to you

Type 6 STINGINESS (#5)
— with trust: Believe you have to be really careful about who relaxing
you trust, thinking you have to continuously “test” the integrity of others
— with self-confidence: Think that if you constantly question yourself, somehow the best/safest answer will emerge
— with relaxing: Believe that if you relax too much or too long (or at all), something will inevitably go wrong

Type 6 VANITY (#3)
— Believe you’re the best problem solver
— Think that no one but you is others are not trustworthy & reliable
— See yourself as the person who is most capable & willing to stand up for the group, when others don’t seem to be aware or courageous enough to do so

Type 6 VENGEANCE (#8)
What sets you off is thinking someone has — put pressure on you
— been deceptive and is, therefore, dangerous
— appeared insincere and, therefore, can’t be trusted
— acted abusively, &needs to be stopped

REACTION: think about how to keep yourself others safe from this ‘bad’ person, which may include disarming them
GROWTH: Ask “Am I accurately separating projections and insights?”

Tainted-color (grey) – vision is clouded by a grayish overlay
Lesson: 6s remind us that not everything is as cloudy, confused, or complex as we imagine, when we are anxious

Hang on to: — always having to be the person who raises difficult issues
— to the assumption that everyone & everything in your environment is harmful to you & others
— not being able to trust others, especially anyone in position of strong influence or authority 

Why: to maintain your ‘sense of self as a person who’ understands the risks & uncertainty of being in the world, & who can overcome this through your mind
Let go of: the belief that true authority only ‘lives’ outside yourself

— By authority figure acting unpredictably or rashly, that could harm you people or ideas/causes that matter to you
— Seemingly high-risk situations that take you by surprise
— Any outside pressure to do something when you’re not preparedhard work

Type 6 MAYA (delusion)
That if you focus & work very intensely on an issue or problem, that effort will definitely get the issue solved or resolved. This is not always the case.

Type 6 WORRY
“Why do I worry all the time? What should I do here? What dreadful thing might befall me? Why do I feel not fully part of things? Why do I hold onto my concerns for so long? Why do people have so many hidden agendas”

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