Ennea Type 7 – Flaws in us ALL

type 7

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IMPORTANT: To understand the meaning / purpose of each topic, review ‘Type Flaws in us ALL – INTRO’.
Associated Type inside the  ( )

Type 7 COWARDICE because of CDs (#6)
–Re. pain: think that all ‘pain’ is a waste of time, unnecessary & something you’re not equipped to deal with
— Re. restraint: believe that freedom is the absence of any limits, & that no one has the right to restrain you
— Re. standing (sitting) still: see it as worthless or as an opening for a flood of despair, which you’re terrified of

Type 7 FLATTERY (#2)
— Think about a possible activity someone suggested merely because it keeps you all doing something, not because it’s a very good idea at all
— Re-frame a put-down by someone,making it seem kind and generous
— Think (often unconsciously) how to befriend authority figures with flattering attention, as a way to neutralize their potential ability to limit your freedom in any way

Type 7 LAZINESS / Indolence (#9)
You almost always seem to be energetic, but a person can be highly energetic & still be indolent
— Think about pleasure but rarely about pain, if ever
— Not notice what you physical sensations are telling you
— Re-frame potential negative information into a positive, as a way of not paying attention to what’s actually happening

Type 7 MOODINESS (melancholy & resulting separation) (#4)
— Wonder why, with all you joy, you don’t feel full inside
— Feel an empty space inside you don’t know what to do about
— Think that even you mild feelings of pain or suffering are catastrophic (primarily because you’re so unused to them)

Type 7 PLANNING – as compulsion (#7)
— About positive possibilities: reacting immediately to stimuli (positive or negative) so your mind goes into a “hyper-gear” of associations, where one idea follows another in rapid-fire succession

Type 7 RESENTMENT (#1)
— If you feel restricted, think that no one has the right to do that to you
— Think negative thoughts about another when they cause you pain
— Rationalize away having actually done something wrong or that others may see as below standard or unacceptable in some way

Type 7 STINGINESS (#5)patience
— with slowing down: Believe “down time” is boring and a waste
— with patience: Think that others are terribly slow because they can’t follow you line of thinking or mental pace
— with introspection: Don’t consider your interior world as fascinating or enjoyable as external experiences

Type 7 VANITY (#3)
—  Think you’re not only quicker minded than others, but that you also catch onto new ideas better than most
—  Believe that most of their ideas have merit
— See yourself as capable of enjoying life in a way more than others

Type 7 VENGEANCE (#8)
What sets you off is thinking someone has –
— tried to limit you
— not listened to or taken your ideas seriously
— been insincere and, therefore, can’t be trusted
— acted abusively (or is considering it) and needs to be stopped

REACTION: think about how to keep yourself & others safe from this person, which may include disarming them
GROWTH: Ask “ Am I willing to deal with & stay focused on painful or difficult issues?”

Tainted-color (Rosy) – looking through colored lenses make everything appear brighter than it really is
Lesson: 7s remind us of the opposite: everything is not nearly as rosy as we might want it to be, & just thinking/wishing doesn’t make it so!

Hold on to: being fun-loving, completely free, pleasure-oriented, & your unalterable right to avoid restrictions or painful experiences
Why: to maintain your ‘sense of self as a person who’ lives in a world where anything is possible, & there are no limits unless we create them
Let go of: the belief that freedom means having no limits

— By anyone or anything bursting your bubble of enthusiasm
— Feel trapped or cornered in any way
— Someone treating you as if you shouldn’t be taken seriouslyhole-in-soul

Type 7 MAYA (delusion)
Think that you’re forced to live forever with a deep hole inside, when in fact all you need to do is go inside – you are there!

Type 7 WORRY
“Why do they want to bring me down? Why am I not taken as seriously as I desire? Are they trying to trap me? How can I fill that empty hole inside me? Why don’t I seem to feel as deeply as others when I do feel deeply about some things?”

NEXT: All flaws – Type 8


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